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Looking for something skinny but not too tight for your day to day style? Skinny-fit jeans is the option. Skinny-fit jeans are a wardrobe essential. Our collection is 80% made from cotton, which ensures the comfort of movement while wearing the jeans.

Our skinny fit jeans are just a perfect size between the Slim Jeans and also the men's super tight skinny jeans. We have different kinds of skinny-fit jeans, such as Skinny Taper Jeans and regular Skinny Fit Jeans. And oh, we also have men's ripped skinny jeans for a more casual and stylish look.

Levi’s® men's ripped skinny jeans Levi's® Men's Skinny Taper give a street style vibe which gives a statement to your style. Try pairing the jeans with a black leather jacket, bomber jacket, or a pattern shirt. Pairing men’s ripped skinny jeans with a plain white t-shirt also shows simplicity at its finest. To complete the look, work boots or Chelsea boots can be a statement. If you feel extra, you can also add a statement such as a fedora hat to steal attention. You can choose any style from casual to semi-formal and trendy look.

For more formal wear, you can wear Levi's® Men's Skinny Taper Jeans for your everyday wear at the office. Pair the item with any long sleeve shirt and your comfortable pair of shoes, then you are ready to go. For the casual Friday, choose the lighter one and pair it with a long sleeve shirt.

The washed skinny-fit jeans give you a laid-back and casual look, while the skinny-fit black jeans give you more masculine energy. Both are perfect for any body type and easy to style, depending on the occasion. Browse our new arrival to create a look to pair with skinny-fit jeans.

Ready to meet your new pair of skinny-fit jeans? Let’s browse now at Levi’s® Philippines online website.

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