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Men's Taper Fit Jeans



You've probably built a good jeans collection now with pairs of skinny, slim and straight fit jeans in your arsenal. Elevate your look even further with Levi's® tapered jeans for men, a worthy addition to your collection.

First, an easy guide to the taper fit. Think of a tailor bringing in the leg of the pants to gradually narrow toward the ankle, resulting in a loose and comfortable feel on the top of the pants, with a sharp, clean fit at the leg opening. It's the best fit that marries the straightforward straight fit and the sleek skinny fit.

A great pair to start with is the slim tapered jeans. Pull on the Levi's® 512™ Slim Taper, which gives you enough room to move forward, yet offers a sophisticated feel with the narrow taper to the ankle for a lean and clean finish. Loose taper jeans and tapered fit shorts are also available in the taper range for all sorts of occasions.

Rounding off the fit range are tapered fit chinos, which are tapered pants for men. Levi's® XX Chino come in slim and standard fits, so you'll have pants in shades of sand, tan and more to work both chill and formal events.

It's easy to dress well (and comfortably) with Levi's® taper fits. Shop sharp-looking tapered fit jeans, pants and more at the Levi's® Philippines Online Store.