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Men Shirts



Shirts are the basic building blocks of a great outfit, and a quality Levi’s® short-sleeve or long-sleeve button-up shirt for men is always the best choice. Choose from polo shirts, classic Western shirts, camper shirts and more.

Levi’s® shirts for men are an easy solution to turn a casual look into a dressed up one. Buttoned all the way up, the shirt showcases a more tailored fit, while leaving the shirt unbuttoned over a tee gives a relaxed yet modern look. You can also dial the casual look to 11 by wearing a shirt in a size or two above your usual fit to channel ‘90s style. With a variety of materials, colors and patterns available, adding a Levi’s® shirt to your collection opens doors to endless style personalisation.

It isn’t Levi’s® without denim and jeans. The iconic Western Shirt for men is made of denim and has the added credential of being worn by pioneers and rebels of yore. Wearing a Levi's® denim shirt creates a rugged look for every season that has the added boost of being both comfortable and durable. Try pairing these shirts – as well as the Classic One Pocket or No Pocket shirt – with Levi’s® jeans or khaki-colored chinos for pleasing combinations that go well together. Add a lightweight jacket for a contemporary look, or go for a look steeped in Levi’s® history by tucking a denim Western Shirt into a similar rinse of denim jeans.

Upgrade your outfit with our collection of men's shirts. Shop our men's shirts and get more fashion ideas at the Levi’s® Philippines Online Store.