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+Levi’s® Flex Eco Performance



Engineered with sustainably sourced fiber and advanced stretch technology for maximum comfort and flexibility.


Everything you love about +Levi’s® Flex Jeans Eco Performance, now made more sustainably with responsibly harvested fibers. Including fibers sourced from responsibly harvested wood which delivers maximum flexibility and comfort — so you and the planet can both keep moving forward.

+Levi’s® Flex Eco Performance
+Levi’s® Flex Eco Performance


Stretch that never stops. +Levi’s® Flex Eco Performance includes Advanced Stretch technology, so you can move up, down, back and forth with reckless abandon. Featured in the 502™ Taper and 512™ Slim Taper.

+LEVI’S® Flex Jeans Eco Performance Collections

When it comes to achieving greater heights in physical movement, there isn’t a need for style to take a backseat if your lifestyle calls for it. At Levi’s®, we are continuously revamping our line of stretchy jeans, going the extra mile to ensure that our jeans are sustainably made, too. The +Levi's® Flex Eco Performance range is a testament to that fact — engineered with sustainably sourced fiber and advanced stretch technology for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Made with 15% organically grown cotton and TENCEL Lyocell, a soft fiber sourced from sustainably harvested wood with added stretch for comfort, any piece from the +Levi’s® Flex Eco Performance collection will be one of the most comfortable denim wear in anyone's wardrobe. You can break out into a dance routine and never have to worry about it holding you back.

Anything goes with a pair of +Levi's® Flex Eco Performance jeans. You can dress them up or down, depending on what the occasion is. Wear them for evenings out when you pair them with a button-up shirt and jacket. When worn with a simple white tee and sneakers, you’ll be the picture of laid-back and effortless style.

With the +Levi’s® Flex Eco Performance collection, you can confidently wear your favorite jeans knowing that your denim is made from sustainable clothing materials, and that you are making a difference with your choices.

Explore the world, one stretch at a time. Discover the +Levi’s® Flex Eco Performance jeans, the revamped men’s jeans collection at the Levi’s® Philippines Online store.