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Levi’s® Cool Eco Performance



Overcoming the obstacle that is heat and humidity, the +Levi’s® Cool Eco Performance collection has been created with warmer weather in mind, with fabrics engineered with breathable, sustainably sourced fiber to cool anyone down and wick away moisture. A collection comprising both stylish and eco friendly clothing; featuring both men and women apparel, ranging from jeans to shirts and outerwears—there’s plenty of choices for everyone.

Wanna bring on heat without feeling the heat? Layer on a Trucker Jacket over a tank top, and a pair of distressed skinny jeans to rock a semi-Canadian tuxedo look with an edge. Or if you’re in the mood for something easy and breezy, grab our women’s Logo Perfect T-shirt with a pair of 711 Skinny Ankle jeans for the ultimate casual comfy outfit.

Going out with the guys? Don’t miss out on our men’s Polo Shirt that goes well with the Levi's® XX Chino Slim Taper Pants, perfect for a poolside party or laying low at a country clubhouse. With its cooling fabric and breathable material, even when it’s sweltering outside, the +Levi’s® Cool Eco Performance collection makes it easier to seize the day.

Beat the heat with +Levi’s® Cool Eco Performance. Shop the collection now at the Levi’s® Philippines Online Store.